Accomplices - The Story of Ady Barkan

Despite battling ALS, activist Ady Barkan shares his definition of what accompliceship means to raise awareness about affordable access to homecare for people with disabilities so that they can live dignified lives.
Indigenous & Urban

An episodic visual journal of Indigenous life off the reservations, offering a more authentic view of their lives in urban America.
Todos Unidos

From actors to activists, Latinos and Hispanics share stories of celebrating their heritage, expressing their identity and representing their diverse cultures.
Who I'm Meant to Be

A personal diary of trans men and women across America, sharing their pride, fears, hopes and dreams to shift the narrative from their struggles to their common humanity.
Black Freedom

"Our America: Black Freedom" highlights community leaders, historians, and local families who share the early history and artifacts unique to the Texas celebration of Juneteenth. The special includes deeply personal stories, longtime traditions, modern-day celebrations, and the ongoing journey to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. While the documentary begins in the heart of Texas, the storytelling spans across the country, sharing how Black communities embrace Juneteenth and what Black Freedom' means to them.
A Year Of Activism

The "Our America: A Year of Activism" panels address intergenerational activism, multiracial solidarity, and media framing of racial justice issues.
Asian Voices

"Our America: Asian Voices" tells the stories of Asian and Pacific Islander groups in America, exploring how they built communities and what it means to be Asian and Pacific Islander in America.
Climate of Hope

In partnership with National Geographic, ABC Localish Studios explores the impact of climate change in America, especially in low income neighborhoods and communities of color. Plus, new signs of hope, masterful innovations and the everyday heroes working for a better tomorrow.
Women Forward

Watch the powerful, emotional stories of women across America determined to build a better world. Challenging the status quo, shifting the balance of power and using their ingenuity to help transform their communities.
Hidden Stories

From New York City to Los Angeles, there are hidden histories behind our cities that haven't been told in classrooms, textbooks or institutions. "Our America: Hidden Stories" seeks to illuminate these stories with the aim of understanding the formative roots that have led to systemic bias in our communities. The goal is to inspire local citizens to reimagine how our cities can move forward in a more inclusive and equitable way.
Living While Black

"Our America: Living While Black" is a ABC Owned Television Stations docuseries that goes beyond the statistics to explore inequalities facing Black families across the country in institutions related to policing, health care, education and housing.